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Chem-Pest of Franklin, Massachusetts is the Franklin Pest Control Specialist. We are your Hometown Pest Control Specialist for over 35 years. We provide Extermination Services to the following Massachusetts towns:

Franklin, Norfolk, Walpole, Sharon, Foxboro, Mansfield, Medfield, Millis, Medway, Bellingham and Wrentham

Gray Squirrels

This is the common squirrel of parks, suburbs, cities and the countryside. They enter the attic in fist size openings in the roof line. They are very destructive chewing holes, gnawing wires, urinating and destroying insulation for nests.

Red Squirrels

About 2/3 the size of a gray squirrel with red coloration. Entry and habits are similar to grays but are more common in evergreen forests.

Flying Squirrel

About half the size of a gray squirrel They do not really fly but glide buy extending flaps of skin between the front and rear legs. Nocturnal, they enter thumb size openings in the roof line. Scampering noises are heard in the attic at dusk and at night. They have strong family ties and many are usually in a nest.


Bats can enter a hole the thickness of your index finger. Entry points are identified. One way doors are installed so bats leave and can not re-enter. Finally, holes are repaired Bats are beneficial so none are harmed.

Mice and Rats

Entry points are identified, then we begin a trapping program to remove all animals (no dead odors). Finally, we follow-up with a baiting program to prevent any new family nests.
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